Helical Piers in Foundation Repair – Everything you need to know

By | January 28, 2018

Helical Piers are useful in foundation repair; it is a best and fastest way to support the foundation. It is also known as screw piles, helical piles, anchors, or screw anchors.

Helical Piers

Unstable soil and moisture can create a foundation problem such as jammed window/Doors, cracks in wall & concrete floor, or leaned wall. It requires significant excavation work, which needs huge money and time. However, Helical Piers can solve this problem in fewer amounts of time, and it is cheap too. It is a permanent solution for home/commercial foundation problem.

We have listed out some common FAQ of Helical Piers. It will help you to understand how it works and what it used for are. Comment below, if you have a question or query.Helical Piers for foundation repair

What is Helical Piers Used for?

Screw piles are used to address foundation problem. It is used to give support to a foundation, wall, steps, stairs, and other areas where problem arise. It can strengthen the weak structure of your home and provides lifelong stability.

How Does Helical Piers Work?

Screw piles are drill into earth up to the predetermined load capacity.  It is installed around the house on a specific interval. After the installation, it is attached to the walls/Foundation with the bracket. It will transfer the load on the piers, which will give stability and strength to the wall/foundation.

They can go deep into the ground up to 12 to 15 feet, and it can take a load up to five to six thousand tons. It will last for hundred years without any problem.

How Much Helical Piers cost?

Cost depends on the condition of the foundation. If major repair work is needed, then the price can go up to $10000, and for a reasonable situation, one can complete repair work with $2000. The average cost of Helical piers is between $2550 to $6800.

Where can I buy helical piers?

Many manufacturers are supplying Helical Piers in the United States. They also offer installation service to the client. Your foundation repair company will supply and install screw piles. Some of the famous enterprises are PierTech, Viking Helical Anchors, Empire Piers and HELI-PILE.

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