Pier and Beam Foundation – Pros and Cons – MUST READ GUIDE

By | January 28, 2018

Pier and Beam foundation are ideal for small homeowners. It can be built easily, and it is inexpensive. Apart from that, it gives a crawlspace, which can be helpful at the time of repair.

What is Pier and beam foundation?

Piers are set deep into the earth and beams are installed around the docks. In this system, home does not rest on the ground, but it will put its load on piers and beam. It is elevated up to 18 to 20 inches from the ground, which will create a crawl space.
Thousands of homes are built with this style in the United States. However, it is not recommended in earthquake or hurricane-prone zone.


Crawlspace is extremely helpful for repairing work. It is useful in plumbing, electrical or other work, as it gives us easy access to the basement.
It does not attract moisture, and it offers protection during a flood situation.
With this foundation system, any repairing work can be done easily. You do not need to break concrete to access anything.
It also offers insulation and saves energy. Moreover many people like wooden floor over the concrete floor.


• A wooden floor can attract the termite, but it can be easily detected with the help of crawlspace.
• You may feel the sagging or bouncy floor.
• Ventilation can be a problem sometimes.
• Wood can easily attract moisture


No structure is permanent; Pier and beam can be a good option for small homeowners. If you address the foundation problem on time, then it can be the best foundation method for your home.

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